Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby names

We are having a hard time trying to figure out what to name this little guy that will be coming soon! We have a few names that we like, but we need just one that sticks out! Any suggestions would be great! I have been wanting to add something from my side (my dad) and the name that we came up with is Morrison. It was hard because Dave Morris Abel (my dad's name) does not work so well with my new last name- Davis. I think we might use it as a middle name. I know it probably does not sound perfect with Davis, but I would love to have something from my dad. Please leave your comments!

Jewelry Class

I signed up to take a class with my mom on how to make jewelry. It has been really fun and I have learned so much! I have made three rings and hopefully can make more when the class is over. It has been nice being able to take a break from being mom and sweet of Neal to take over while I go!

Toddler bed

We have been trying to get ready for the new baby and we really wanted to get Hayden out of the crib. If he would allow us and do good with the crib front off, we decided we would buy him a bed. After weeks of trying with the crib turned into a toddler bed we went and bought him a new bed! He loves it and is doing really good! I made him a train (choo-choo) blanket and matching pillowcase. He woke up one day and looked at his blanket and bed and said WOW and laughed! He will also go and look into his old crib and say baby. Maybe he is starting to understand?

Adventures in babysitting

I apologize once again for not blogging! We have been busy! A couple weeks ago we watched my friends (Jamies) 4 kids for 10 days! Wow! When we arrived three of them were sick! When it was time for us to leave, all three of us were sick. I have no idea how my mom did it.