Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our little Peanut

So Jessica came back from Mexico and the Doctor gave her the "Ok" for her to get pregnant again (not that his decision even mattered to Neal). Jessica decided to take a test to even see if she was and just out of a pure random happenstance ( Neal had it planned) Jessica was already pregnant. So we are pleased to announce child number two is on His/Her way. Her due date is May 19th. Jessica has been a little sick, but with Unisom and Vitamin B6 she has felt better, but Unisom is actually a sleeping pill so it helps with the nausea but makes her really tired. So she is just basically sleeping through the nausea. Anyways we had our first Dr. appointment last week and was able to have an ultrasound. So here is the picture of our little peanut. Such a cute little peanut. This one looks a lot like Neal I think. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Although I am not ready for summer to be over I am so excited for Halloween!!! This year will be even better with Hayden being older- he will enjoy it more. We already got him a cute costume and our decorations are up. Happy Halloween everyone!


Here are some more pictures of us traveling and on vacation. I loved the pictures of Hayden. Here is one where my hair is in braids. I payed a cute mexican girl to braid my hair all over. She was so fast and good at braiding I was impressed.


We had so much fun on our cruise! We went on a four night baja/mexico cruise. My mother had payed for everything which was very nice! We did take Hayden because after all it was a family vacation. Neal and I would love to go on one again! It was wonderful spending so much time with my cute husband!