Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rubber ducky your the one!

I love bath time and looking in the mirror at myself. Dad calls me (El Chulito) which means "the man". Hayden loves the attention!

Cute bum!

Someone has lost his diaper! I could not resist taking a picture and then putting it on our blog.

Going to the park

I have been waiting for it to get warm so we can go do things. When it was warm (for Utah) we went to the park. Hayden had so much fun yelling and feeding the ducks. He was not afraid of the ducks one bit. He wanted to pet them! Here are some pictures of us at the park. The cute little girl is Hayden's friend Cambria. They are cute when we get them together.


We had fun this Easter. Isn't Hayden cute in his suit? Here is a picture of him with his new chair. The older he gets the more fun it is for us on holidays.