Friday, December 19, 2008

Boy or Girl??

So today we had the opportunity to get an ultrasound. Everything was reported good and the baby looks healthy. But if you want to know you have to watch the ultrasound below(around 7:20 min will be closer to the revealing of the sex). If you are willing to watch it all the pictures are quite amazing considering it still a 2D picture. They said their machine was brand new so maybe that helped. Also, the baby couldn't keep still, but was also very cooperative and turned at all the right moments..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Season Greeting!!

Sorry our blog has been so boring lately. We have been extremely busy lately and can barely keep up with ourselves. Neal is done for the semester and has an even busier schedule next semester working two jobs and 13 credit hours at school. A sacrifice, but we are trying to get him done and onto bigger and better things. Jessica is even busier chasing a two year old around the house and being pregnant. This last weekend we had the chance to go down to Neal's parents condo in St. George. We had a good time and hoped it would be a little warmer. It was a little warmer, but only by 10-15 degrees. The high was 50 on Saturday and quickly got cold as the first big snow storm rolled in. We returned home to 6 inches of snow and 15-20 degree temperatures. Hayden loves the snow and can't eat enough. Stay tuned for future postings of Hayden playing in the snow. Christmas will be fun this year as we can see Hayden's excitement of opening gifts, all though it is a challenge to keep gifts wrapped and under the tree. We will get an early Christmas present this Friday when Jessica goes to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby. So check back to see our great news. We hope everyone is doing great despite the economy and hope you have a great holiday with family.