Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip to Mexico!!

We are heading to Tijuana this weekend and we are so excited to go. We are going for both business and pleasure. Jessica, her mother, and a family friend are going to see if they can get some alternative medical treatment to help them with their health issues. Jessica's parents went down there to see if they could help out with her dad's cancer, but it was probably too late or just meant to be for her dad. Anyways, Jessica's mom has diabetes, her friend had thyroid cancer and Jessica has hypothyroidism. They are hoping that after some treatments they can better control or cure their problems. The problems they face aren't currently life threating, but could be if not cautiously taken care of. We do plan on going shopping in the mercados(open air markets)and relaxing by the pool. I am only going to relax and watch Hayden and of course be a translator for the rest. When we get back their will be plenty of pictures and we will document our experience. Just pray that we are safe down there. I know it can be dangerous in Tijuana. Adios!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hayden hanging out with his friends

I wanted to add this because I thought it was cute. This is Hayden and his friends sitting on our doorstep. The weather is getting so nice and they love to play outside!

Logan High Hall of Fame

Logan High inducted my Dad into the Hall of Fame. He was recognized for his athletic abilities in baseball, football, and basketball. They had dinner and then
introduced "Dave Abel" when he was young. They also honored him with a letterman jacket. What a special night for our family. We were so proud of him! Here are some pictures of that night


We are excited that it is getting warmer in Utah! The kids really enjoyed the time in the new pool. Hayden and Cambria have lots of fun together. I even sat in the pool and enjoyed it!